T-Shirt Factory is Africa’s premium T-shirt production company, whether it’s branded, promotional, customised or for retail we get it done with top quality in a short time frame.

Our PRODUCT GOAL is to combine quality with smartly sewn customised and contemporary designs that represent organisations and their brands, in design and colour.

Our FACTORY GOAL is to provide all our clients whether individuals, corporate organisations, churches, schools or retailers top quality in product and service delivery.

We work along side with you from concept to design all the way to production and delivery to ensure together we produce T-shirts that represent you, your organisation or your brand in design, colour and style.

With a combined experience of more than 15 years providing customised T-shirts for individuals, we have grown to a factory that provides all T-shirt solutions from sourcing QUALITY FABRIC from overseas to sewing and printing.

Meet the CEO, Nero Ogheneovo

Nero Ogheneovo

I have always loved the process of bringing resources together to create a product. I have a BSC in Business Administration, a certificate in Enterprise Management from EDC, Pan African University, and I have been trained by the Fate Foundation and LEAP Africa.

7 years ago I started producing T-shirts with love inscriptions on them for Valentines Day and I was surprised at the response I received. The next holiday was Easter, so I started producing T-shirts with Easter messages and symbols.

At that time I was still in university, after I graduated I boldly decided to start a truly authentic African t-shirt company rather than to look for a job. I started targeting corporate organisations and bigger clients, rather than producing and selling to individuals.  I was going for the big orders by targeting those who would order in bulk.

Whether it’s branded, promotional, customised, or for resale at the retail level, we get it done with top quality and in a short time frame. Our product goal is to combine quality with customised and contemporary designs that represent organisations and their brands.

At T-shirt Factory we are dedicated to all of our clients whether they are individuals, corporate organisations, churches, schools, or retailers.  Every order is a good order as we focus on being the premier African t-shirt company. Made by Africans for Africans.

As the CEO, I oversee the running of the entire company. I meet with major clients and I develop and execute strategies the company.

As an awardee of the Federal Government of Nigeria Youth with Innovation in Nigeria, I help reduce the level of unemployment in Nigeria.