Tshirt Factory Africa CEO, Nero Ogheneovo

Nero Ogheneovo of T-shirt Factory, shares his thoughts on how to get started in business and the importance of utilizing all the tools available to you as a new generation of African leaders. Just start from where you are. Do what you can with the resources that are available to you at the moment. Also, [...]

Tshirt Factory Africa Launches Website

Website Helps to Build Brand for Premier T-shirt Manufacturer Across Africa T-Shirt Factory Africa is the most recent company to launch a new website with the Africa.com domain name, tshirtfactory.africa.com. The company is headquartered in Nigeria with a second office in Ghana. They currently have two established brands, T-Shirt Factory Nigeria and T-Shirt Factory Ghana. T-Shirt Factory [...]

Q & A With Tshirt Factory Africa’s CEO

Whoot Africa asked T-shirt Factory CEO, Nero Ogheneovo to share his back story as well as give tips on how to successfully start and run a business. Whoot Africa is known for showcasing brands and talking to the people behind those brands. Welcome to Whoot Africa’s – 15 Questions with Nero Ogheneovo of  T-Shirt Factory [...]

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