Nero Ogheneovo of T-shirt Factory, shares his thoughts on how to get started in business and the importance of utilizing all the tools available to you as a new generation of African leaders.

Just start from where you are.

Do what you can with the resources that are available to you at the moment. Also, get trained and develop yourself in whatever way you can because you are your greatest asset you have to make that difference.

The Importance of Technology

Technology plays a vital role in the structure of my business. To enlighten you a bit,, for more than 5 years we were serving clients in only one state. Within 6 months of launching our website and our Facebook page, we were able to reach and produce for clients in over 25 states of the country ; as well as neighbouring contries.

The Importance of a Website

A website gives a business an edge; wherein you are exposed to a larger audience. It allows for businesses to expand rapidly, even when you are not actively doing any marketing activity, people still find you online through your website or other social media platforms. Therefore, African businesses need a website in order to expand and show the world what they have to offer.

A New Generation of Leaders

We are different from the past generation and technology has played a major role in making us stand out. Some years back you would have needed to establish branches in various locations in order to do business outside your area. But today, you can serve the world from one location through the use of technology.

Right now, some of my competitors are 10 times bigger than I am in size but my brand is more popular than theirs because they don’t have a website and do not have any major online activity.

Also through technology, we the new generation of leaders have access to more information compared to many years ago. This makes us more informed which leads to us being better leaders.

I strongly believe that Africa has the potential to surpass other continents economically and otherwise. It’s us, the young people, the new generation of leaders, that can make that happen.

~ ​Nero Ogheneovo